About The Owner

I have always had a love for the arts. Whether is sculpting, drawing or painting you can believe that I will do it! Creating this business was the perfect way to incorporate work and art.

My mom studies interior design, so I grew up watching her renovate and upgrade every house we moved into. I loved the energy the house had when you put so much work into making it beautiful. I wanted a part in making people feel that energy in their own homes. 

I decided to open Hussl as my way of sharing my art, but more importantly helping you make home feel like home. Coming home to a place that feels safe, beautiful and comfortable is extremely important to me. It's not something everyone gets to feel and it took me a long time to build for myself.

Even if it's something simple like wall art, I want you to know that at least that piece of your home is full of love. I want the wall art to remind you that you are loved, safe and not alone every time you look at it.

I create all my wall art for natural and organic materials as my tribute to Mother Earth. I believe that it's not too late to turns things around for the planet and it always starts with you. All wall art is Forest Stewardship Council certified and Merch is 100% Certified Cotton, so you are guaranteed quality.