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Simple Pattern Wall Art

Simple Pattern Wall Art

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Sometimes less is more. This simple wall art has beautiful earth tones that will blend into any room you decorate. It's also a reminder that simplicity is good to have in areas of life. 

The spring colors are muted for a simple centerpiece that could be hung up even in the fall. Even though the colors don't stand out, the message will. It will be stunning decor for a living room, bathroom, or bedroom wall. 



An excellent product for your environmentally-conscious buyers – it's made from sustainably sourced materials. The black wood frame is sturdy and will withstand whatever accidental bumps are ahead!

Our canvas is made with a special composite coating so the wall art will stay vibrant and full of life for the years to come.

The sawtooth hanging hardware is already attached to the back for easy hanging. You can use a nail or even a thumbtack for those looking for renter-friendly wall art.



Canvas: Matte Cotton and Polyester Composite 

Frame: Black Pinewood

Depth: 1.25"

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